Attuned And Solution-Focused Family Law Representation

I am here to help you overcome the challenges you and your family face with comprehensive ideas, target priorities and a clear direction forward.

Angela Streit

Located in St. Paul, I provide family law advocacy for residents within the Twin Cities and across the state of Minnesota.

Areas of Practice

Family Law Services

I provide insight and advice for a wide variety of topics regarding family law.


Figure out what option is the best for you and your family when pursuing separation from a partner.

Custody, Parenting Time And Child Support

Together, we can discover and plan the best options for your children.

Family Law Services Focused On The Big Picture

When it comes to family law, no two experiences are exactly the same – what works for one client will not necessarily work for another. However, a lawyer who is particularly in sync to the needs of the client – in the courtroom and beyond – is universally beneficial. Client attunement and advocacy are at the core of my practice as founder and owner of Streit Law LLC

I use the legal skills I have honed for over a decade, informed by life experience, to help those going through difficult family transitions. I pride myself on holistic strategies, listening to my clients and their stories with compassion and responding with honesty, even if the answers to their questions may be hard for them to hear. From there, we start working on solutions.

Advocacy From Firsthand Experience

Many years ago, my then-husband and I found ourselves going through major changes and needing the services of a family court. While I had past exposure to family law as a law clerk at the Minnesota Court of Appeals, I was experiencing family law in depth for the first time as a client. The process was difficult, but having good counsel guiding me through it made it easier.

Following those changes, I was drawn to practicing family law, and I now have the honor to be that advocate for my clients. While I know that not every solution will be the same as the ones in my experience, I can truly understand where you’re coming from, and I want to find options applicable to your unique situation.

I Am Here To Help You

Angela Streit

What Former Clients Are Saying

“Angela Streit represented me in my divorce and I am beyond grateful. She was the first and only lawyer I spoke to, and I immediately felt heard and she never lost sight of my goals. She was such a great voice for me and I was very happy with the agreement reached in the divorce … Highly recommend.”

I am a caring, realistic advocate for you and your family during a difficult process.