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Move Through Your Divorce With Experienced Guidance

Divorce is rarely in anyone’s thoughts at the beginning of a marriage. Unfortunately, however, even after years of life together with your spouse, unexpected changes and difficulties can lead to what was once unthinkable: contacting a divorce lawyer to ask, “What should I do?”

At Streit Law, I take my clients’ needs and concerns to heart. I guide each client through all of their options, with the goal of assisting them in making the best decisions.  This may mean finding a path to compromise that will prove advantageous in the long run, or it may require preparation for litigation in high-conflict situations.  Whatever the path, I ensure that my clients are well-informed about all of their legal decisions, while remaining sensitive to the difficult emotions involved with the major life transition they face.

How To Prepare For Your First Meeting With A Divorce Lawyer

If you are hoping to receive general guidelines in an initial consultation, then you can come as you are and I will help you get the most out of the conversation. But if you are eager to start making progress, bring specific information or materials along, too such as an outline of:

  • Your and your spouse’s assets and debts
  • Typical parenting routines so far in your marriage
  • Possessions that are most important to you to keep from your marital property, such as real estate, vehicles, collectibles and other assets
  • Monthly income and family expenses in ballpark figures

If you have children, list their ages, names and any special needs that they have. Any such details can help us begin creating a strategy aimed at achieving your goals.

What If Your Spouse Is Unreasonable?

Spouses’ differing perspectives that can prolong a divorce include:

  • Disagreement about how to divide the value of the marital home
  • Different expectations about the division of retirement accounts, stocks and bonds, and other assets
  • Different priorities for your children’s well-being, if applicable
  • Disagreements about how to proceed: negotiation, mediation or litigation

Whatever your priorities and perspectives are, in representing you, I remain committed to keeping you informed about how the divorce process works and about your case specifically.  If you are determined to keep your antique car or family cabin, I will help you pursue that objective, while helping you understand the risks/benefits you face in that pursuit. Or, if your spouse disagrees with your proposed property division, I will make sure that you have the knowledge you need to respond appropriately.

Let Me Hear From You

After going through my own personal family law matter, I gained an appreciation for what family law clients need, human-to-human, when going through a major life transition. This awareness, in addition to my legal education and experience, has given me extra sensitivity to what it takes to meet clients’ needs during challenging legal processes.

I hope to hear from you if you are considering a Minnesota divorce. Contact me in my St. Paul office by calling 651-237-3815 or sending an email message.