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A Family Lawyer Attuned To Your Needs

While divorce is the most common and well-known area of family law practice at my firm, Streit Law LLC offers many other services as well. After more than a decade into my legal career, I experienced my own family law issues and, in the process, realized my passion to help others in these challenging and sensitive areas of the law.

From my law office in St. Paul, I serve clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area and elsewhere in Minnesota. Through videoconferences and close communication, I can help you achieve your family law goals regardless of the distance between us. I will always be honest and forthright as well as focused on your needs and best interests.

Examples Of Family Law Issues I Can Help You With

  • Divorce: I am well prepared to walk you through any stage or aspect of your Minnesota divorce or legal separation, including – ideally – arriving at a property division and/or spousal maintenance (alimony) settlement agreement.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: Talking over the terms of a possible prenup or postnup does not need to be scary or threatening as you and your partner build a mutual understanding strengthened by trust and transparency.
  • Child custody and support: Let’s talk about parenting time, third-party custody, grandparents’ rights or paternity actions. I will help you stay focused on your all-important caregiver-child bonds as well as the child’s right to be provided with financial-level support.
  • Post-decree modifications: I can evaluate your circumstances to determine the path by which you can pursue a child custody, parenting time or child support modification. Or you may need advice about a possible spousal support modification.
  • Domestic abuse and harassment: I can help you gain some peace of mind through a domestic abuse no-contact order, a harassment restraining order (HRO), order for protection (OFP) or defense if you are justly seeking to have such an order against you lifted.

Clients often comment on my empathetic, cool-minded way of advising them. Others notice my effectiveness as a fearless advocate in the face of challenges from their legal opponents. In all cases, I am attuned to my clients’ priorities as I help them focus on solutions.

Discover For Yourself How I Can Move Your Case Forward

Family law problems are often worrisome and emotionally exhausting. Moving forward realistically can take a great load off anyone. It is important to me to approach each client as a unique, well-intentioned human being. Let’s look at the options in front of you as your family law needs get more critical by the day.

I’ll help you make progress toward the fulfillment of the legal solution that you need. Call me at 651-237-3815 or complete an online inquiry form for a prompt response.