Honesty, Integrity, Empathy

What Streit Law LLC Is About

Many years into my legal career, after experiencing legal challenges in my own family, I realized that having my own family law practice was my calling as a lawyer.  I am so pleased to now be at the helm of Streit Law LLC.  Whether you are a prospective or current client, you are welcome to meet me in my St. Paul family law office to discuss your family law matter with me.  I can also provide the legal counsel you need through videoconferences or telephone if that option appeals to you more.

When we get acquainted, you will have the opportunity to discover why other clients have characterized me as an empathetic, effective advocate. My background, experience, legal education and personal life experiences have prepared me to guide you with your needs and goals at the forefront.  Learn about my qualifications through this link:

I will gladly share with you some guidelines for divorce planning even if you are not quite yet at the point of divorce. I believe that you will appreciate my holistic, personalized approach to family law counsel, beginning with our initial consultation.

Serving My Community, Profession And Clients

I am a member of the Family Law Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association as well as the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

I have regularly done pro bono work and other volunteer work with Minnesota Women Lawyers, Tubman’s Legal Clinic, and the Domestic Abuse Legal Advocacy Center. In these and other ways, I work hard to advocate for the underserved and under-resourced.

While these professional and volunteer activities are always fulfilling, it is in my law practice that I have the opportunity to build in-depth relationships with people who need the legal counsel that I am well-equipped to provide.

Schedule A Consultation About Your Family Law Concerns

I am committed to providing the answers to critical questions that you need and leading you to the resolutions you are seeking.

To reach my St. Paul family law office, call 651-237-3815 or complete an online inquiry form.