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Grief in Family Law

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Family Law Topics

Something I have thought a lot about since becoming divorced and then shifting my legal practice into family law is grief.  Divorce—and really anything else under the umbrella of “family law”—involves a change in family structure and routines.  Changes often mean loss.  And loss brings grief.

I’m a lawyer, not a therapist or a grief counsellor.  But I think the topic of grief is incredibly important to shed light on.  There are many reasons for this.  One I can speak to most directly from experience is the fact that my clients who get the right help to cope with their grief and any other mental health issues are better clients.  Let me explain.  Clients who ignore their grief and turn away from help and resources, in my experience, seem to have more difficulty making solid decisions in their legal case.  They sometimes make legal decisions out of anger, denial, or other emotions rather than making decisions rationally.  They sometimes have trouble making any decisions at all.

What I hope you take away from his article is this: if you are going through any major family changes (whether that is divorce, a change in parenting time, etc.), pay attention to your emotions!  Get the care you need for your grief and other difficult emotions.  Get the care from someone who has the education and training to provide you with the help you need.

For legal matters, you will want to work with a family law attorney.  Family law attorneys come in all varieties—some may be more sensitive than others to the emotional issues you are experiencing.  Emotional intelligence is not taught in law school, unfortunately.  So, choose your attorney wisely.

As for the type of attorney I am, “holistic” is a good descriptor.  I routinely refer my clients to therapists, grief coaches, parent support groups, and various other resources regarding family changes.  Knowledge is power.  And I want my clients to feel empowered in all areas of their life!

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